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21 October 2009 @ 10:40 pm
Behind the cut :)Collapse )

I'm a little meh about some of these, but oh well. I didn't have time to do them until this afternoon, so it's okay :)
27 September 2009 @ 12:01 am
Well, I signed up for 3 different icon challenge communities, so hopefully October will open up more time for me like I hope.

Round Eight @ fs_lims! Click Here To Sign Up!

11 September 2009 @ 09:43 pm
I finished Farscape! More on that later.

Question: So the complete series box set doesn't include the PK Wars? Whyyyyyyyyy?
11 August 2009 @ 08:49 am
I had a dream last night that Charles Shaughnessy (or at least a man that looked just like him) was trying to kill me and my dad by going through my dad.  However, the me he was trying to kill was an alternate version of myself trapped in another plane of existence, as in that whole reality's phase had shifted somehow. The strangest part was that only my counterpart was able to be faintly present in my reality, but I couldn't see her because she was still out of phase.  I could tell she was there, but I couldn't help her and no one believed me when I told them that a Karyssa from an alternate universe needed my help or else she would die.

I tried telling everyone in my family that we needed to come up with a solution, and even my dad wouldn't help me, even though he'd be the person most likely to believe me if I said scifi had become reality.  Eventually, whatever connection I had with alternate Karyssa grew stronger and we somehow began changing places in the phase shift and exchanging realities. Even when I was in her reality, it was only partly, and I could see everything happening from her perspective and mine, in both universes at the same time. It was incredible. However, Charles was still a problem and we needed to find a way to get to him before he got to her us, including my dad.

Her dad wouldn't believe that Charles was trying to kill him because he trusted the man very much.  Charles was apparently her dad's PR manager since her dad had some position in the political world.  He was releasing alien toxins, of which he himself was immune, near her dad so that he would die from them.  AltKaryssa was susceptible to those toxins as well, but I wasn't. I had the same immunity as Charles. 

This is where the dream becomes fuzzy and less detailed.  I remember following Charles through Westmoreland Mall, trying to gain intel on his weaknesses so that AltKaryssa and I could devise a plan to stop him (she couldn't follow him with me because she wasn't immune to the toxins).  I can't remember what the plan was, I just know I eventually followed him to a hangar and just before he boarded a plane I pressed a remote hand device I was carrying.  Something was extracted from his body and he was immediately dead. This part reminded me of X2, when Magneto kills the guard by removing all the iron in his blood straight through his skin.  When I pressed the button, little globs of something came out of Charles straight through his skin and I guess punctured some vital organs. IDEK, but it was really cool and I want it to be real.

IDK why, but when I'm at school, I always have these crazy/(mostly) in-depth dreams. I love it!

02 August 2009 @ 10:59 am
Take a look at this BEAUTIFUL poster of Elizabeth Weir that illicit_designs  made. HERE.

I don't normally rec fanart, but it's just so well done that I had to post about it. WOW PRETTY. I want to print it out and hang it on my wall at school.

ETA: She's added more!

So this is why I haven't seriously exercised all summer.  It takes away from my fangirl time :( I haven't watched Farscape for almost a week. But that's okay, because I feel so much better physically already.  I expect I'll be participating less in fandom related things, but I'll still be checking LJ and everything.  I just mean I'll be cutting back to watching new episodes of different shows to maybe one a day, and I'll probably not be making icons for a while. I need to take a break and focus for a while :) I don't think I could ever not check LJ again lol, and I'll still be flailing once new seasons start this fall. So basically nothing's changing except I'm cutting back oniconning, Farscape, and taking more time watching (new for me) old shows instead of trying to finish them ASAP.

This is what I've been up to since my post about buying books:

Tuesday: I babysat my little cousins from 3PM til midnight at their house.  It was a lot of fun, and they are absolutely adorable.  I prefer just playing with them though, because being in charge makes me "borin" as Sarah said when I wouldn't let her make Play-Doh sculptures on her parents' newly painted walls.

Wednesday: Worked from 7-4, then went to my grandma's house to stay until Saturday morning.  I had a relaxing visit and I love her so much, but she's very critical of everything so it was nice to only be there for a couple days.  I wasn't too active online because she uses her stern voice and says "all you ever do is go on that computer," even though I was only on it for maybe half an hour in the morning and at night in order to keep up with my email.  She also told me that it would be harder to lose weight the second time (which she said about 34803578934 times), and that kind of motivated me to prove her wrong, hence my post on Saturday.

Thursday: While staying with my grandma, she took me to Tanger Outlets and we picked up Jess jessemily18  on the way.  It was sooo much fun to see my BFF twice in two weeks (we saw HBP on premiere night, IDK if I posted about that), and now I'll be visiting her at her house tomorrow! YAY. I bought a new lime(ish - what color would you call it, Jess?) green purse that was originally $120 for $33 and I love it.

Friday: I just read my acting book and watched movies throughout the day.  Took my grandma to eat at Eat'n Park with my 20% employee discount, and that was it really. I watched the Other Boleyn Girl for the first time. Don't you like that movie, Greta gc87 ?

Saturday: Came home, set my weight goal, and worked from 5-10. Eventful...

Sunday: Watched SG1 with my dad and brother (we're just now at the beginning of season 7.  I'm moving back to school in 13 days, so there's no way we'll be able to finish the series before I go back. I'm hoping we can finish up to season 8 so they're not left on a real cliffhanger) and then went to work from 4-8:30. Again, fairly uneventful.

Monday: Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Brittany, but I didn't buy anything except lunch. I did, however, put together hypothetical outfits and asked Brittany's opinion on them as she is very fashionable and always wears clothes I envy.  She approved of all the outfits I picked, and I found the cutest shoes EVER for $5, but they only had one size smaller than mine and I therefore could not buy them. UGH.  Anyways, came home for a short while and researched moving out of the country, then went to the gym and worked my butt off.  It was the same instructor, but I think I pushed myself 3x harder than I have all summer.  Then I came home and worked on the parts we didn't do in the aerobics class.

Today: Babysitting just TJ, then going to the gym, followed by the cheapie movies with Brittany and Angelyn.

LONG POST. Pretty unimportant stuff, so don't feel like you need to read :)

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20 July 2009 @ 09:10 pm
Same layout by talkofcake, but I changed the graphic on the side and redid the color scheme.

twister_pants twister_pants twister_pants

Also, I finally made my profile ever since I deleted it forever ago. Codes by palebird. I got a bit lazy and just altered pics from my Claudia picspam :P I still like the result, though.

20 July 2009 @ 01:29 am
It's not happening. I'm not getting these icons done for startrek20in20 OR stargate20in20. I tried, but you can't force it out when you're not feeling it. I made 12 of the Rodney icons, and out of those 12, I only moderately like two of them. I'm not even showing any of the Kira icons because they are HORRIBLE. UGH.

Muse has a one-track mind, and right now it's on Farscape, which is good for my Farscape love but bad for my attempts to do anything not related to Farscape. I think I'm going to make icons of 2x15 Won't Get Fooled Again and 2x22 Die Me, Dichotomy.

ROFL. I posted before I even finished the post. It originally ended at "Again and" and there was nothing after it. My bad ;)
Spoilers for Farscape, but if you're not going to watch it or you don't mind being spoiled, PLEASE READ because I'm writing about a scene that totally breaks my heart and should be shared because of it's beauty.Collapse )
19 July 2009 @ 01:46 pm
PHOTOSHOP WON'T LOAD. Which means I'm going to be up all night trying to get these icons done.  It says (Not Responding) whenever the start up gets to "Building TWAIN menu items," whatever that is.  It did this before and I realized that AIM was causing it to mess up, but I haven't used AIM for months. Grr.
19 July 2009 @ 11:36 am
So I have to make 15 more icons for stargate20in20 and have to do the whole 20 for startrek20in20, and I feel totally uninspired.  I was SO PUMPED to get Rodney because I secretly have a love-hate crush on him, but man... muse doesn't feel like it.  And for Star Trek, I got nothin' there at all.  Who knows? Maybe I'll pop something out.  Sadly, muse is all over Farscape but I have to get these challenges done first, or else I'll feel guilty.  I won't feel as bad if I don't get the Star Trek ones done as I will for the Stargate, because I don't think anyone would have claimed Kira Nerys anyways, but I *know* someone else would have wanted Rodney.


And I have to work from 4-9 :( Poo.