twister_pants (twister_pants) wrote,

halp! :D

With html please :)

I need to make one of those scrolly box things so I can put a code for a promo banner in it.  I'm making a new community specifically for sci-fi GIFs/animations and whatnot, and I'd like to have some promo banners already made for people so they can just copy + paste and the banner will link them to the comm.  I know how to do the "click the image to go to a link" thing, but I need the scrolly box for the codes.  Thank you, my lovely f-list.

Also: I'm going to need a co-mod or two once I have the community running.  You don't need to know how to make GIFs yourself or anything, just be able to make sure everyone's following the rules :)  Let me know if anyone is interested!

The community isn't ready yet (hope to have it done by tomorrow!), but if anyone wants to look at the interests and tell me which sci-fi shows/movies I forgot, it would be much appreciated as well.  I always forget things once I go to put them in a list.  I actually left out Stargate and Sanctuary the first time I filled it out :O  Only my favorite two shows...



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